The Ubud Chair: the newest design in the Fair Furniture family.

Designing and producing furniture with respect for people, the environment and the materials: that was my dream when I founded Fair Furniture in 2012.

Now, five years later, I am extremely proud to introduce to you the latest design in the Fair Furniture family: the Ubud Chair. Our design was created during a research trip to Bali, where I came into contact with rattan. Rattan, that already captured my attention during my studies of Tropical Forestry & Nature Management, is a challenging material: it is namely not always the most comfortable. However, because I feel it is my responsibility to leave a minimum impact on our environment, I have a strong preference for natural materials with a local origin. That is why I chose to work with rattan. I owe much credit to Ahmed, whom I met in Bali. He contributed, with his technical background and attention for detail, to the birth of the Ubud Chair.

Our design was brought to life by Wayan and his team of local craftsmen in Ubud, Bali. The chair is entirely handmade and consists of the seat – made of rattan, and the frame – made of locally obtained steel. The frame is detachable from the seat. This makes the transport easier, but it also ensures that, at the end of its life cycle, the chair is easy to recycle because the materials are easy to separate. An interesting detail on the chair are the ‘screws’ made of rattan, adorned with carvings by local artists.

Has the challenge to make the chair comfortable turned out to be successful? I believe that Wayan has succeeded with flying colors. I would like to invite you to the store “Het Faire Oosten” in Amsterdam to test the Ubud Chair yourself.