New Look, Our Vision

Fair Furniture is…

We believe in “buy better, buy less”.
It’s our brand ethos to create and curate furniture and decor that has minimal impact on the environment, and to encourage an appreciation and awareness of our surroundings, the beautiful Mother Earth.
All our pieces are ethically produced from natural materials that are eco-friendly or sustainably sourced, or made from recycled materials.

In today’s fast consumerist society, we appreciate high quality items that are thoughtfully handmade. Most of our items are crafted by hand by artisans in local workshops. Not only does it ensure quality, but it also ensures that every piece is unique, in addition to supporting local communities.

Beauty is, indeed, in the eye of the beholder! And we truly love pieces that reflect the communities that they were created in. However, to us, beauty is really more than skin deep. To us, it means having a deeper understanding of the items you choose to decorate your space. Knowing that there was minimal harm to the environment and that they were ethically produced matter to us in terms of bringing joy to our personal spaces.

From the iconic Acapulco chair woven in hemp, tule and recycled materials from Mexico, bamboo barstools created in Bali and sustainably produced cork stools from Spain, we hope that these pieces foster a curiosity, understanding, respect and appreciation of different cultures around the world…whilst being mindful and caring of planet Earth, too.